About EUV Tech

EUV Tech started in 1997 and is the worlds leading manufacturer of metrology equipment for EUV lithography.  EUV Tech provides many of the principal players in the semiconductor industry with EUV Reflectometers, EUV resist out-gassing measurement tools, and hydrogen radical cleaners for EUV optics. In 2005, EUV Tech's EUV Reflectometer was awarded Research and Development Magazine's "R&D 100 Award". EUV Tech’s SuMMIT Software Division also develops and markets SEM analysis software for the lithography community.


Dr. Rupert Perera, PhD, MBA – President

Over 30 years experience in advanced x-ray optics at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab & other US national institutes. Pioneering contributor to the advancement of EUV Lithography tools

Mr. Chami Perera – Vice President Operations

Over 12 years of experience in business management and corporate restructuring. Worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies to implement process improvements and business transformation.

Mr. Dave Houser – Vice President Engineering

Over 18 years of experience designing and building advanced semiconductor tools. Manages team of software and mechanical engineers, designers, and technicians at EUV Tech.


For purchasing information please email: sales@euvtech.com

For marketing information please email: chami.perera@euvtech.com